2018 MERC ELITE 110 Cherry/Brown

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The new, 2018 MERC ELITE 271 is made from the best possible maple!  The quality rivals any bat on the market!  This bat is best for the professional, college and amateur players that are facing higher velocity pitching and expect results.  If you are able to feel the difference between wood levels, this bat is for you.

The MERC PRO 110 model features a longer barrel with a slightly thicker handle giving this bat a larger contact surface to help a hitter drive the ball. The thicker handle adds extra inside pitch protection for the hitter with strong hands. This bat is perfect for the singles hitter that wants to gain barrel depth with a well-balanced bat that can add a little extra barrel to turn some of those singles into extra base hits. This bat is cupped.

The MERC PRO 110 model features a 2 1/2" barrel size, a long parallel wall, and a gradual taper to a slightly thicker handle. This will offer a larger hitting surface and more forgiving inside pitch protection with the added durability that comes from its slow taper and thicker handle.

To maximize this bat's potential, players should be able to generate a higher swing speed and exit velocity while facing college and professional velocity pitching.